Nylund System

The Nylund system is a system of 6 planets that orbit a sun on the border of imperial controlled space.

The system consists of the following (in order of closest to the sun)

Nylund 1: uninhabitable due to it being mostly molten, scatted with remote mining operations that run like individual towns, most of the systems wealth comes from rare ore coming from this planet.

Nylund 2: is a bearly habitable planet with it being insanely hot most of the time, the planet is known as hell, it is a prison planet controlled by the detachment of ultramarines that operate in this system. Most of the prisoners and worked all day in the blistering heat creating ship parts and armour plating out of the rare ores that are mined from its sister planet. Nylund 2 is orbited by a planetary defence ring with massive guns pointing towards the surface as a threat to those below that at any time the imperium can destroy them.

Nylund Prime: Nylund prime is the most densely populated planet in the Nylund system, populated by the ruling class and rich mine bosses, it is the hub for trade and money in the Nylund system. The land of the planet is covered in huge skyscrapers and massive houses for the rich. Like its sister planet it has a massive orbital defence ring with cannons that could take down a capital ship in a few shots.

Nylund 4: Nylund 4 is a divided planet. Divided into the middle class workers who live in suburbia conditions, and a massive slum that is run by street gangs and is almost always violent

Nylund 5: Nylund 5 was once un-inhabitable but was terraformed to allow a detachment of ultramarines to guard the system, to this day it remains a lightly populated barracks planet but is mostly wasteland due to the majority of the ultramarines being called away on missions. The population of this planet is ultramarines and an imperial guard detachment.

Shipyard: this is a HUGE planet sized space station that orbits close to Nylund 5, its main purpose is the construction of ships for the imperium war effort. its secondary purpose is a first line of defence against intrusion into the system through the warp rift.

Nylund 6: Un-inhabitable ice covered planet.

Warp rift: The veil between reality and the warp is so thin here that from time to time, some would say at the whims of chaos it opens spilling forth horrors that are unspeakable. Ever since the creation of the shipyard though the rift has been of little use to the forces of chaos.

Nylund System

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